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Thanks to reputable Cash for Cars services like All Time Car Removal, selling an unwanted car is a piece of cake in Melbourne. But that begs the question: what about larger vehicles such as trucks and vans? Luckily, All Time Car Removal’s service is powered by the industry’s most versatile tow trucks which can effortlessly provide Ute, Truck and Van Removals anywhere in Melbourne. If you have an unwanted vehicle that you’d like to sell from your doorstep, worksite or roadside, All Time Car Removal will be happy to provide a fast and cost-free Vehicle Removal Melbourne service whenever you need us.

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It’s Never Been Easier to Get Cash for Trucks, Vans & Utes in Melbourne. Here’s How:

One phone call and one quick appointment with us is all that is required to Sell Your Van, Truck or Ute for a fair price up to $9,999.

The Phone Call:

Give us a call or contact us online and provide a full description of your vehicle. We’ll use this to give you a Quick Quote without needing to first inspect your vehicle in person. The more details the better, some of which might include your vehicle’s condition, make & model, age and the number of kilometres it’s driven. Our free quote is no-pressure and you can take as long as you need to consider it without pressure. After accepting our offer, book your appointment with us at the most convenient time.

Your Vehicle Removal Appointment

Our Melbourne Vehicle Removals team will arrive on the dot. They’ll then go through the required paperwork to transfer your vehicle to us (we’ll provide and prepare this as a freebie) and then pay you your exceptional Cash for Vehicles offer. Finally, your vehicle will be towed, and you’ll be surprised just how simple and quick the whole process is!

What Do Get When You Combine Industry Experience and a Reliable Work Ethic? All Time Car Removal

We believe Melbourne vehicle owners deserve to sell their unwanted vehicle in a way that’s as easy and hassle-free as ordering a pizza delivery. Our Vehicle Removal team has a wealth of industry experience as well as a reliable attitude which ensures that our countless happy customers are satisfied with our service. Want to Sell Your Vehicle for Cash with someone that you can consistently count on? All Time Car Removal is here to help.

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Our service is available for all vehicle types, even if they are:

For a reliable way to sell your vehicle quickly in Melbourne, you can count on All Time Car Removal.

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